Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tank Museum visit - part 1 - overview

Last Friday, while en route to deepest darkest Dorset for a WW2 Airsoft event (more on that coming soon!), Martin and I took the opportunity to call in at the Tank Museum in Bovington Link .  It would have been rude not to.  I had last visited the museum in 2007, when a number of the exhibits had been moved to facilitate the development of a new hall.  Here then are a few photos of the new hall.  Further posts will offer more pics of the exhibits - but only the stuff inside as it was raining rather enthusiastically during our visit!
A view from the cafe overlooking the new hall which tells the story of AFV development - starting with 'Little Willie' seen here in the centre of the photo.
Some of the WW2 exhibits, including Churchill Croc, Firefly and Cromwell.
Looking towards the postwar exhibits - visible are the Centurion and bits of Berlin Wall.

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