Sunday, 19 June 2011

Just south of Cheux, Normandy

26th June 1944, 1345 hrs, first day of Operation Epsom. Location: Just south of Cheux, Normandy.

General Briefing
By noon on the 26th 15th Scottish Div had broken through the main line of 12th SS Panzer Div infantry, taken Cheux and was mopping up, VIIIth Corps then tried to pass 11th AD through the town to continue the advance south. The divisional recce regiment, 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry were ordered to race south in the hopes of capturing the Odon bridges. South of Cheux the line was held by elements of 12th SS Panzer Divs recce and engineer battalions.
Forces were a recce troop from 2nd Northants Yeomanry vs a couple of sections from 12th SS Panzerpioniere Abt and a section of armoured cars from 12th SS PAA - the depth defences of 26th SSPGR south of Cheux.

The British infantry dodge into cover....
Martin organised this game, which used John's Platoon Commander's War rules.  It was one of a series of linked scenarios we've been working our way through over the past few years.  John and I commanded the Brits while Martin ran the Germans.  My plan involved inserting the dismounts from the two Carriers and M3 scout car (two rifle groups and a Bren team) into cover from the west while John would trundle down the road from the north with the two Daimler armoured cars and command Dingo.
The toys are all 15mm (it'll never catch on) from Martin's collection. an MG42 opens up from cover in a wheat field.
Sadly, having pinned the MG team with Bren fire, the buggers popped up again just as the Brit rifle group closed to assault them.  Ouch.
The armoured cars finally appeared and helped out with Besa fire.
The second rifle group moves in to assault more Germans.  SS Pioneers apparently.
An Sdkfz 234/1 crests the ridge.
The Daimlers move up and manage to dodge fire from the '234.  But what is the SS Pioneers have a...
...Panzerfaust?  Oh, they do.  Martins toys have removeable turrets - I couldn't resist...
Balance was soon restored - the Daimlers were fitted with Littlejohn adapters!
The Carriers move up, as the Germans are clearly on the run!
The Carriers dismount their Bren teams who then sneak up to the crest line.
Endgame.  The Germans in the second field have been killed, and the Daimler has notched up another '234.
The game was a clear victory for the Brits, but perhaps a sign of things to come in terms of the infantry cost of fighting in the bocage country which lies further south.


Trebian said...

You should know never to mess with the Northamptonshire boys.

Don M said...

cute with the turrets lol

Al said...

Nice kit Tim, who are the figs by?

Tim Gow said...

That certainly explains their erratic performance!

Tim Gow said...

Don M
The turret-related incident caused much hilarity around the table and probably says much about our approach to gaming!

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - all the toys are Martin's, so hopefully he will comment and answer your question.

Conrad Kinch said...

Rather different from your usual high level shenanigans.

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
I know - but one must be prepared to muck in with the chaps from time to time. Despite the risk of mud on one's suede boots.

Martin Rapier said...

The figures are mostly Peter Pig, but the vehicles are a wild hotch potch. Daimlers and Dingo are QRF, carriers are Skytrex, M3 Battlefront, 234/1s are elderly SDD models.

This was a tiny skirmish, the 'battlefield' was only 200 yards by 400 yards. Hence rather lethal.

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Thanks for the info - a 'wild hotch-potch' is generally a good thing!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice scenario

Also nice to see a Normandy game without Whittman's Tiger

Tim Gow said...

I think it was Wittman's day off.