Monday, 6 June 2011

Not Quite Kursk

This NQM game was played in Wellingborough in 1995 and occupied about 6 very busy players, ably supervised by Chris Kemp.  Much of the detail is lost to history (unless anyone can add anything...), so I'll give you the highlights in the photo captions.
The game focussed on the southern flank of Kursk (I ran the northern flank as a Megablitz game ten years later...) and saw XLVIII Panzerkorps and II SS Panzerkorps assaulting the Soviet lines.
As I recall, Chris provided most of the toys, although I donated some Russians and provided (and commanded) the SS Korps.  Will Whyler (better known to history as Zhukov) brought a few toy lorries stolen (or should that be 'collectivised'?) from his daughter.  Good man!
The southern table, seen from the west.  XLVIII PzK masses for the attack.
Soviet guns.  Lots of 'em. 
Soviet reinforcements.  Again, lots of 'em.
XLVIII PzK in the foreground, with the might of II SS PzK in the distance.
Seen from the east side of the table, the SS break through the Soviet front line.
The Soviet second line.  We never got through it...
I remember it being a rather jolly game which involved rather a lot of food and drink.  It began with Zhukov's breakfast (black bread and Polish vodka) being interrupted by news of the German attack, and was further enhanced by a splendid lunch provided by Suzanne Kemp.  So lots of food and lots of toys - who cares what happened in the game?


Paul said...

The breakfast sounds great, except for the vodka, bourbon for us westerners I think!

Don M said...

Looks like a good time was had by all....;-)

Tim Gow said...

The vodka was scary stuff but very 'cultural'. Bourbon indeed.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Especially the Russians - vodka and victory.

Biff Tanner said...

"Soviet guns. Lots of 'em."

It's the only way!

Tim Gow said...

Biff Tanner
That's all very well if you're on their side. I wasn't. I wouldn't mind, but half of them were my toys!

Chris Kemp said...

Wow, those pictures bring a few memories back! They show that the table was every bit as crowded with German armour as my memory thought it was.

Notable were : The "cardboard marker chit in lieu of truck", the original grey carpet tile minefields, the dungeon tiles pressed into use as trench markers, Chris Willey's massive B-4 203mm tracked howitzer ... and the Soviet second defensive line.

Excellent though they are, the pictures don't really capture just how big the whole attack was; happy days for meglomanics :O)

Regards, Chris

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
Amazing how a few photos can Bring it all back!

Chris Kemp said...

Dear Tim,

I've finally found the battle notes and managed to tie the pictures in to the units involved :

Kind regards,