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Conference of Wargamers 2011 session list

Yes, it's that time of year again - when I put together the CoW session list (quite easy) and timetable (complete nightmare).
Below is the list of sessions that I have been made aware of.  If there are any corrections or additions please let me know by 9pm on Wednesday 22 June.

WD Display Team North
Teams of players will be invited to describe the great battles of history using the medium of interpretive dance.  What could possibly go wrong?

WD Display Team North
This year’s participation game for up to 6 happy volunteers.  Players start as junior unit commanders in the Red Army of 1918 – they must struggle with the objectives of gaining promotion and surviving until 1941.  This will probably be run at least twice.

Mike Young
A game of Royal Marriages, Intrigue, and Inbreeding set in 16th and 17th Century Europe.
Hapsburg lip is a game of the politics and power struggles of the noble houses of the 16th and 17th Centuries.  Players represent a royal house who attempt to remain noble (by marrying other royals).  Judicious marriages can result in great gains in prestige.  
However each member of the Royal Family has a genetic fingerprint, and too much inbreeding will result in the manifestation of genetic difficulties, such as Hapsburg lip, Haemophilia or Jug Ears, thus damaging your ruler's health, mental capacity or physical attractiveness.
The game was played in prototype form at COW 2010, and will be present in a more developed form at COW 2011.
For an example of when it all goes horribly wrong see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_II_of_Spain

Wayne Thomas & David Brock
The battle of San Juan Hill, 1898.  Up to five US Brigade Commanders and one valiant Spanish General are required.  Bring your own hats, and daiquiris for Generals Kent (aka Brock) and Wheeler (aka Thomas) and we’ll get those damn Yankees on the run.  (Oops!).

Graham Evans
15mm Spanish Civil War divisional level table top game. An attempt has been made to build period flavour in from the initial design, rather than rely on chrome. The command and control sequence has a new take on simultaneous v alternate movement. Other bits of the game may be borrowed but most is original. (NB Last year it was remarked that my RCW rules would work for the SCW. I have therefore completely changed the system as that wouldn’t be a challenge, would it?)

Phil Barker
Sharp End returns once more
In an attempt to produce an entirely new type of military disaster, this year we will attempt a pitched battle for Buggerupistan rather than low cunning. However, we do hope to follow or parallel this with an excursion to a different bandit country, set in Northern Ireland in the 70s.

Mike Elliott
The Siege and Battle of Quebec, 1759
An illustrated talk on the siege and battle of Quebec, in which I describe the events in Canada in the summer of 1759 culminating in the famous battle on the Plains of Abraham outside the city of Quebec. Illustrated with photos taken on a trip to Canada in 2010

Mike Elliott
Most Perfect Volley
Being the game I am developing on the siege and battle of Quebec as described in a series of articles in the Nugget. Up to 7 active players, but spectators of course welcome.

Richard Brooks & Ian Drury
Broken Square
Solo ADG with 10-30min slots.  As seen in Nugget 242

Richard Brooks & Ian Drury
Froeschwiller, 1870
FPW historical refight of Froeschwiller 1870 using Kiloschlacht, the 1:1000 level version of Minischlacht - similar level to OP14 but Minischlacht firing system with hexes .

John Bassett
Caesar’s Heirs
A map/role-playing game of the Philippi campaign of 42BC.  Brutus, Cassius, Octavian and Antony fight for control of the Roman world.  The latest development of John's game system for the fall of the Roman Republic, with evolved naval and military rules.

Russell King
Operation Pale Charlie
At the end of the Second World War states were confronting the new reality of resistance to empire. Operation Pale Charlie takes 13-25 players on a multi-power politics simulation of 1950s Vietnam, giving them key roles in France, China, Russia, USA, Britain, French Indo-China and the Vietminh, otherwise known as the Indo-Chinese Communist Party and associates. Alliances made and broken, policies forged in the heat of battles and events, and nuclear brinkmanship met head on. Featuring Operation Castor, the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, Algeria, the Suez Canal question, and the Geneva Peace Conference. Individual and confidential state objectives, politicians and certainty, and the boundaries to leadership tested. Full situation briefings provided.

Gavin Parnaby
The session is to introduce a web based campaign solution, specifically for the Napoleonic period but modifiable for other periods/genres.  It'll be a workshop session of 2hrs for up to eight active participants, more can be accomodated/share/hotseat. Participants don't need to be tech savvy, as long as they can drive a mouse and are reasonably familiar with the internet they'll be fine. There will be a brief intro, approx 1hr of playing time during which resultant battles will be gamed using a modified scrud system to give instant results and some dice based gratification. There will be then around 45mins of discussion and feedback to discuss further development, other applications etc.

Ian Drury
This is a re-working of Redcoats & Rebels to re-fight the larger battles of the American War of Independence. A double session for 6–8 players in which gallant bands of 15mm figures venture into the American wilderness, loving recreated with many bags of toy trees from Modelzone. Since setting up a historical battlefield takes too long for COW, we will instead stage the hitherto unknown Battle of Knuston Court House (known to the Canadians as Nouveau Dot Sur La Mappe).

Chris James
An early English Civil War game, for six players, not to be taken too seriously. The game will include a number of incidents most of which have at least a tenuous historic basis and will amuse at least some of the players, I hope!

John Curry
The Hunt for the Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame
 A talk on the hunt for the elusive actual rules used by Pratt 1939-45 and an evaluation of the rules against naval reality.

John Curry 
The Fletcher Pratt Air Wargame John Curry
A table-top based Japanese attack on a British convoy using airplanes mounted on sticks. The game will be played using the previously unpublished full rules. It is only the second time the game will have been played since 1946 (the first time was in the Bunker in March 2011).

Bob Cordery
A short presentation about how and why this game was developed from Joseph Morschauser’s original ‘Frontier’ wargames rules .... and then developed a life of its own. This will be followed by a short explanation of the rules and then an opportunity for attendees to try the rules for themselves.

Tim Price
Another Footfall Situation
A small band of professional trouble-shooters ("If there's trouble - we shoot it!"), facing the unknown at a moments notice, out to save the Government and civilisation as we know it.
Previous outings have included secret underground Government bio-research labs, genetically engineered monkeys in the Channel Tunnel, a "terrorist attack" on a power station, a secret book depositary, terrorist attacks on a waste treatment facility, and a "chemical fire" in a High Wycombe industrial estate.  This outing promises to be only slightly different (Wikileaks! Eco-Terrorists! Secret Government Base! Etc!).

Tim Price
Sen Toku
A military staff-planning game of the Japanese Imperial Naval Staff in World War 2 (January 1944). Followed by the players actually having to execute the plan. Strike a decisive blow against the Despicable Imperialist Americans! Demonstrate Japanese Naval technical superiority! Go down in history! 

Tim Price
The Scuppers Were Awash with Blood! A Napoleonic Naval Game with one-player per ship using fast-paced mechanisms that offer a premium for the player with the best sailing skills. Completely revised and updated to make it smaller, faster and better! (Oops - sounds like a Government propaganda claim before a botched attempt to install an expensive IT system...). It will have toy ships with removable masts!

John Curry & Tim Price
A short lecture on cyberwar for beginners, then a card based cyberwargame. No technical background required, just a desire to cause chaos.

Chris Perry
Hammerin’ Iron
The latest version of Peter Pig’s ACW naval game.

Phil Steele
A newly designed toy soldier game.

Sue Laflin Barker
It's still the morning after the smugglers have landed their goods. They are still trying to deliver the contraband to those who have ordered it and the Revenue are still trying to intercept it. I have made some adjustments to the rules which I hope will make the game run more smoothly. As before there is room for up to 4 tavern keepers and up to 3 revenue.

Rob Cooper
Give me a ping Vasiliy, just one ping
A game of modern anti submarine warfare for 2-4 players.

Rob Cooper
Top Rank
A committee crisis game of deeply-entrenched Arab leadership faced with a surprising turn of events from their usually docile population.

Jim Wallman
Operation Goodwood
WW2 map game on the operation of the same name.  Teams represent divisional command staffs.

Jim Wallman
Naval and Army teams planning, building and operating Zeppelins.  A bit of a 'blue peter' session.

Jim Wallman
Village Sweep
A half-baked game design about intelligence gathering in Vietnam.  Can you get the information you need without starting a massacre?

Jim Roche
Jus ad Bello/Jus in Bello
A PowerPoint-led discussion of the Just War Theory of St Augustine and Thomas Aquinas looking at Britain's wars of the 20th century, from Spion Kop to Helmand and giving them marks out of ten. A daytime activity with argument and discussion, illuminated by philosophy.

Jim Roche
Ne Obliviscaris
An after-dinner game dedicated to Paddy Griffith, based on his Halberdiers game and inspired by his obituary in The Times.  Ne Obliviscaris means 'Do not Forget' and is the motto of The Argylls. In my version, participants are officers in that regiment and we follow their careers in WWII. Medals are awarded and worn. The game ends with death notices/obituaries, printed either in the Oban Times or the London Times.  'But Mrs Campbell, you have three more words in your husband's death notice'.....Ochtaye, chust add 'Volvo for sale'.

Mike Young & Tom Mouat
Libya Decision Workshop
What will the future government of Libya be like? Will Gaddafi remain in power? Will freedom and democracy come to Libya? Will the country be divided? Will Al Qaeda establish a presence in the new government?
This session will attempt to forecast the answer to those questions using Confrontation Analysis and Role Play. The session will be a rehearsal for a formal session to be held at RMCS Shrivenham on the 19th July, where use of this method will be proposed to the UK Defense establishment:


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