Saturday, 4 June 2011

Don't Panic!

This game was played at the Sheffield club on Wednesday 25 May and used Jim Wallman's splendid 'Dialogue Game' (  This system produces a rather interesting game (read Jim's example) but can take players a while to adapt to.  Basically the only 'rules' are that in your turn you say what happened to another player, develop the scene - possibly with some new information, and pose a problem.  In turn 1 you are doing this for the player to your right, on turn 2 the player 2 to your right etc.

I had not only played the game with JW running it (see Jim's example briefing) but had also run it a couple of times - with not wholly disasterous results.
The Sheffield game arose from a conversation a few weeks back with Steve T, who had seen the Dialogue Game on the interwebnet and thought it suitable for use with his 25mm 'Dad's Army' figures.  For those of you inexplicably unfamiliar with this televisual delight have a look at and look out for re-runs on TV and radio

The actual game saw the Home Guard platoon arriving to look for a crashed German aeroplane and capture the crew.  Anything which happened subsequently was down to the players. Events included the CO being ignored, soldiers falling in a flooded ditch, an attack of the runs, rabbit shooting, accidental discharges (ooh matron...), serveral cases of mistaken identity (is it a German pilot or a nun?), lost rifles, 'medicinal' alcohol and a police investigation into black marketeering.  Over to the (few) photos.
A peaceful rustic scene...
...except for that crashed Bf-109
Members of the platoon advance (finally!) towards the telephone box.
Walker heads off across the river - in search of parachute silk?
The 'command group' dithers at the 'phone box while Pike rings his mum.
Nun but the brave.  Or is it a German Paratrooper in disguise?  Jones and Fraser fixed bayonets and charged him/her just to make sure!
The Cast (because I'm not taking all the blame):
Captain Mainwaring (I'm in charge) - Jerry
Sgt Wilson (I say you chaps) - John A
L.Cpl Jones (don't panic!) - Martin R
Pvt Pike (Stupid boy) - Steve T
Pvt Walker (dodgy spiv) - Gunter
Pvt Godfrey (awfully nice chap) - Frank
Pvt Fraser (cantankerous Scotsman) - er, modesty forbids...
Pvt Sponge - Kevin
Pvt White - Mick
Pvt Green - Harvey
Pvt Black - John C
Pvt Plum - Graham
Pvt Browne
Pvt Silver


Sun of York said...

Who do you think you are kidding ...

Tim Gow said...

Well done Sun of York - I wondered who'd be the first to spot that...

Conrad Kinch said...

You're doomed!

Biff Tanner said...

Very peaceful all right. lol

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
How very true!

Tim Gow said...

Biff Tanner
Indeed. I think a 'real' battle would have caused less disruption to the contryside.

Don M said...

Too late...I've already paniced

Paul said...

Nice looking waste of time, and fun had by all. Well done.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Pull yourself together man. This is war, not a vicarage tea party!

Tim Gow said...

Complete waste of time - like all the best games!