Thursday, 16 June 2011

Northern Greece - second game report

The second running of this game involved real players!  Martin climbed aboard his command BRDM while Steve skulked in his Greek foxhole.  Spectators Ian and Gunter joined in as KGB representative and Greek pilot respectively.  The action opened with Soviet forces (the same reinforced Motor Rifle Regiment) massing on the border before making crossing attempts in several places.
The Regimental Tank Btl and a Motor Rifle Btl approach the border.
The Sovs pile up forces - the Tk Btl on the hill in the background has already begun crossing the minefield.
Air support arrives in the shape of a flight of very old MiG-21s.  I bought this in the mid '80s from it's original owner and finally painted it in around 1990.
The MiGs bomb the Greek Inf Co defending the northern bridge.  The Greeks had tried (and failed) to blow it up the previous turn.
No sooner had the MiGs gone then the sky blackened with Mi-8s which disgorged a battalion of Sov Paras.
The Paras made short work of the Greeks!
The reason for the location of the air assault becomes clear as Soviet troops cross the border on the west side of the river in some strength!
The Greek border troops are outflanked.
The Greek Air Force makes a belated appearance - and fails to hit the Sov artillery.  Or anything else.
T-62s menace the Greek Brigade HQ.  Just like the playtest game!
Overview - the Soviet advance seems to have resumed.
The MRR recce joins up with the Paras.
By this time some Greek reinforcements had arrived in the south and were preparing to sell their lives dearly.  Such was the excitement that I forgot to take more photos!  The game ended with the southern village and bridge still (just) in Greek hands.  The light Soviet casualties meant that the final result was a draw.  So now it'll be a race to see who can rush up more troops, and fast!  Perhaps we'll return to this part of the world for another exciting instalment of WW3.


Conrad Kinch said...

An unusual take on the Cold War Gone Hot scenario.

Don M said...

Think the Greek airforce needs retraining...

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
Well you know I like to be different.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Maybe they'll improve with experience? Stay tuned...