Monday, 28 February 2011

Ill Metz by moonlight - The Battle of Colombey-Nouilly, 1870

The Battle of Colombey-Nouilly took place during the Prussian advance on Metz on 14 August 1870.  The game was played at the Sheffield club using Martin Rapier's 6mm toys in late 2010.  I can't really remember very much about the game, except that the Prussians had quite a hard time of it overcoming the dug in Frenchies, so I have captioned the photos as best I can.
The lead Prussians arrive, but an entire French Division has taken position on the ridge line.

The Prussians deploy guns to support their attack.

The lead Prussians are repulsed by morale failure (yellow counter) while the remaining French frantically try to dig in (green counters).

The French are subjected to (much) bombardment - a second Prussian regiment is just emerging from the woods on the left.

More Prussians arrive to (hopefully) envelop the French.

Finally the French are looking a bit worse for wear!

An overview of the battle.

The Prussian advance resumes - a fresh division is formed up on the right.

The Prussians finally are in a position to make progress on the left....

...but French cavalry arrive to shore up the line.
The Prussians are poised to march on Metz.

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