Friday, 25 February 2011

Forbodian Artillery - part 1

I have made a bit more progress with the Funny Little Wars project.  Having acquired a number of guns I felt that it might be a good idea to have some gunners!  I therefore bought a box of A Call To Arms British Napoleonic gunners - 16 figures in four poses - and started by taking one of each pose.  A few minor modifications were made - so the 'match' was cut of of the gun captain's (below right) had and the ramrod held by another figure cut down to make it less obvious that he's about to swab out a smoothbore cannon.  I decided on a uniform of overall green with white cross-straps and purple trim.  The prevalence of purple on the uniforms of the Forbodian military stems from the claim of the present King's grandfather, Boris the Bonkers, that he is descended from the Emperors of Rome.  Nero most probably. 
A pair of gunners during painting - they are moulded in the rather striking blue indicated by the bases.

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