Thursday, 3 February 2011

Vimiero, 1808 - Command & Colours

Martin Rapier and I managed to get though another C&C N scenario last night at the Sheffield club.  Historically, Vimiero took place four days after Rolica and saw a French army (actually a small corps) under Junot try to defeat the Anglo-Portuguese Army before it could be reinforced.
As usual I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  All are taken from from the French side of the table - following his success commanding the French at Rolica, Martin had swapped sides for this game.
A French battalion in the centre sector - these guys never made it into contact.
Part of the French left - light (left) and line battalions led personally by General St. Clair.
This photo is taken from just to the right of the previous shot and shows a further line btl, while light (centre) and heavy cavalry surge toward the Brits on the hill.

On the right, meanwhile, two French battalions (line - left and lights) advance on the village of Ventosa...

...and are given a very rough time by the defenders - the line battalion has retreated and both have lost two stands.

Staying on the right wing - the first heroic French cavalry charge - the Hussars kill 2 (out of 3) steps on the guns before the surviving gunners, having loaded with rusty nails, blow away two cavalry stands.  Sacre bleu!

At the same time on the left, the Hussars and Cuirassiers we saw previously have also charged guns and inflicted two-thirds casualties.  They were them promptly blown away by the British guns and musketry.

The surviving Cuirassiers then overrun the guns and contact the battalion on the next hill.  There is much carnage.
The Hussars on the right flank are subject to continual musketry.  Here the frustrated Brits fail to score a hit - possibly because the Hussars are hiding behind that tree.

Back on the left - French musketry has swept the hills clear.

An overview of the centre and left - the three French battalions in the previous shot are centre left in this one.

Centre and right - after the earlier excitement little else happened on the right.

The hills before Vimiero - the French finally manage to get troops up the slope....

...and bitter fighting ensues.  Gen. Fane survives, however (two swords would have killed him).

The French centre finally begins to advance...

...but the Brits have recaptured the hills.  Merde.

On the right a lucky shot finally does away with the surviving stand of Hussars, giving Martin his sixth and final victory chit.  Merde again.
This was a very entertaining game, and seemed to flow a lot more swiftly as we now have a better grasp on the mechanics of C&C N.  Total playing time was about an hour and a half, with a further half hour (in total) to set up and pack away.
One thing this scenario did teach me is that I need more 1 and 2-hex hills - I must buy some.  All of which reminds me - I will be visiting Vapnartak (  in York this Sunday, along with Wg Cdr Luddite.  Will any other readers be there?  Do let me know.


Conrad Kinch said...

Good stuff - had a crack at Corunna with the chaps yesterday. The honours were even and it was mainly an infantry fight with neither horse nor guns putting on much of a show.

Tim Gow said...

Did you use your 2mm toys? I'd be interested to see photos.

Paul said...

Epic stuff!

Conrad Kinch said...

Sadly no as one of the players was a first timer and asked if we could use the blocks, just until we got a handle on the units.

I should set it up though and see if I have sufficient figures for that set up.