Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Soviet Air Assault Brigade - part 4

As mentioned a few days ago, this formation is now complete, and I have finally managed to photograph it!
One of the two BMD-1-mobile Para Battalions.  Because Warpact-style companies are fairly small, each stand represents half a battalion. 
The Brigade is organised as follows:
Brigade HQ,  AA Co,  AT Co,  Recce Co, Artillery 'Battalion', 2 Para Battalions, 2 BMD-mounted Para Battalions.
One of the Para Battalions - normally delivered by either parachute or helicopter.
AA and AT Companies.  I hope it's pretty obvious which is which!  The ZU-23-2 AA gun towed by a UAZ-469, while the AT gunners trundle around in a BMD-U utility AFV.
The Artillery 'Battalion' - actually a couple of batteries - with ZIL-131 truck (I ran out of GAZ-66s) and D-30 122mm gun.  The Command & Spotting team travels in the BRDM-U.
Brigade HQ in a UAZ-469 and Recce Co with BRDM-2.
All toys and infantry by GHQ.


Paul said...

Nice org and painting. Good to see some Cold War stuff!

Lets see them in action.

Tim Gow said...

Rest assured that the Cold War is still in full swing in my toy room!

Bill said...

It's in full swing over here also Tim! Nice looking troops, love to see them go past the FPPR reviewing
stand on the next May day Parade...)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

nice lit kit that packs a mean punch

Tim Gow said...

When the sky blackens with Antonovs you'll know what to expect.