Friday, 4 February 2011

Bannockburn, 1314

While driving to a meeting yesterday I chanced to hear most of an interesting radio programme about the Battle of Bannockburn 

For those of you even less familiar then me with this period, Bannockburn (1314) saw the English army under Edward II get a good kicking.  Not that I am in any way biased.

Joining Melvyn Bragg to discuss the battle, what caused it and it's effects were:
Matthew Strickland - Professor of Medieval History at the University of Glasgow
Fiona Watson - Honorary Research Fellow in History at the University of Dundee
Michael Brown - Reader in History at the University of St Andrews

The link above will take you to the BBC's 'listen again' facility and a useful reading list - I expect it'll be available for about a week.


Ross Mac said...

Thanks Tim. Now all those little metal spearmen on the back shelf are pounding their wire pike butts on the ground and belting out "O Flower o'Scotland" and I can hear their general rehearsing his lines again, "Scots Wha Hae wi Wallace Bled".

If I don't keep an eye on them, they'll be leaning over the shelf edge next and taking swipes at the English on the next shelf.


Tim Gow said...

I'll fetch the claymore from the thatch!

Don M said...

LOL, glad I'm not alone Ros!
My Scots Common army on the shelf
was acting up also....Nice find Tim