Saturday, 1 January 2011

Sheffield Games Day -2- other games

After we had packed away the Op14 game, there followed a break while food was procured and our next game (of which more in a forthcoming post) set up.  During this time I also had a wander round the hall chatting to other members and looking at their games.  These included a 15mm Fire & Fury ACW game which appeared to be keeping around 8 players off the streets.  The table was 4 feet across by 8 long.
A close-up of the ACW game, taken from behind enemy lines...
A 15mm DBMM game.  I forget which armies were on the field but there are lots of pointy sticks in evidence.
John Armatys joined us in the evening and brought along a game he had designed that very day!  This was a Malburian period affair using his old 5mm blocks on a gridded battlefield of 8x8 squares.
Each infantry and cavalry brigade had two to five 'Strength Points' (SPs hereafter) - the figure being established by rolling an Average Dice they first time a brigade tried to fight or so something clever.  The SPs were marked with small dice (all marked as 6 before dicing)-
The perfidious French occupy a large town (BUAs are from the Irregular 2mm range).
I will gloss over the debacle that was the British right flank....  Here on the left the British cavalry prepares to get stuck into a lone French brigade accompanied by artillery.
Next turn - the French infantry have had a pasting and the gunners have legged it.
As first playtests go, the game went well and appears to have scope for development.  John was doing much note-taking, so expect to see a Mk2 version before long.


Don M said...

On the 15mm DBMM game, the side closest to the camera is Byzantine..)

Tim Gow said...

Don M
I say this in the spirit of friendship and respect. You are a deeply sad man.

Don M said...

It's an old WRG affliction what can I say...;-)

Bill said...

Tim Gow said...
I say this in the spirit of friendship and respect. You are a deeply sad man.


LOL will we who have known him for years already knew that!