Monday, 17 January 2011

Airfix RAF Personnel Set

The RAF Personnel set was released in 1972.  My own set is slightly younger (1975?) and though it was an exciting change from infantry figures I remember being rather disappointed on opening the box to find them moulded in yellow plastic.  Why, Airfix, why?  Ah well.  Over the years several of the figures have been used for conversions - the cyclists in particular I remember being useful.  The remainder of them languished in a box for 25 years until they were subjected to that most dreadful of fates for a toy soldier - being painted by me!  I think I have a complete box of these somewhere, so a further post may follow in the fullness of time.

There are some nice poses in this set - here are the standing and running aircrew.  The very basic paint job is over a matt black undercoat.
All the crew at work on this Mosquito base. 'Plane by F-Toys.
Armourers - the bloke on the left has clearly forgotten that Mossie bombers are unarmed...
Fire crew on standby.  These figures also appeared in the Emergency Set in hard plastic form.
More un-needed MG ammo and a camera being fitted.  I just hope it's better focused than mine.


Paul´s Bods said...

Like it.The mossie looks good. The one in the asbestos suit..pity he only comes with the emergency set.

Al said...

I like em, something different

Tim Gow said...

I thought that Asbestos Suit Guy also appeared in the Personnel set - clearly my memory is at fault. Lucky I have several of him in the spares box.

Tim Gow said...

As you say - they are very different - I remember them being quite a radical departure at the time of their release.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Am I reaching now?

Don M said...

I like these allot, I only ever found the German air crew for sale in the states and I must admit they were never used for their intended purpose (they've been recovery crews and field engineers for the most part) I had several sets ...must still be in the blue-gray bag O guys! Have to do some airfield support now!

Tim Gow said...

Welcome back!

Tim Gow said...

Don M
The Luftwaffe guys were particularly useful in other roles, but clearly now is the time for some of them to return to repairing aircraft!