Monday, 24 January 2011

Rolica, 1808 - Command & Colours

After I had opened my newly arrived copy of Command & Colours Napoleonics and had a quick flick through the rules, I set up the first scenario - Rolica - using my Hexon terrain tiles and 15mm toys and played through a few turns.  A photo of the general setup appeared in an earlier post.  Although I got a number of things wrong on this run-through, the game did have a nice 'feel' to it.  The components - cards, reference cards, rulebook etc) are of very high quality and there are a number of tweaks specific to the Napoleonic period, including infantry squares and cavalry retiring and reforming.  There are also a number of differences between troops of different nationalities - for example British infantry musketry is better then French, but the Frenchies are better in melee, and so on.
The three infantry units forming the British centre.

The French right wing.  The unit scale seems to vary between scenarios - at Rolica they represent battalions.

The early battle seen from behind the British centre.

The French left poised for action.

Some of the order cards used in the game.  The number of cards reflects the varying command & control of the armies involved.  At Rolica, the Brits have 6 and the French 5.

British light infantry advances supported by artillery fire.

The French launch an attack.  The red counters mark the boundary between the centre and right sectors.

The French open fire.  The dice show only a single infantryman,
indicating that one casualty has been inflicted on the Brits.

The British left wing moves forward.

The British lights suffer another French salvo.  Each infantryman (blue face) indicates a casualty,
while the flags each cause the unit to retreat one hex.  Ouch.

The British guns inflict two hits on their opposite numbers.

The French light cavalry gets ready to advance.

Meanwhile on the French left, more Hussars take on and beat their Portuguese opponents.  As the Portuguese had a (British) general attached and suffered casualties a 'risk to leader' role was required.  Not to worry though - he only dies if two swords are rolled.  Oh. 

The Portuguese continue to suffer - here their light infantry are wiped out by a French (off camera) salvo. 

French Hussars charge the guns.

The British centre advances at last.... 

...but sadly the French have been hoarding a card which gave them added firepower. 
This was the result!  I called a halt shortly afterwards.


Conrad Kinch said...

Good to see that I'm not the only one catching the C&C Napoleonics.

Tim Gow said...

How are you getting on with the game?

Conrad Kinch said...

Well my latest report is up on my blog. Generally good - but good Lord do I detest those blocks. Ideally the plan is going to be to have a toy soldier setup at home with 20mm figures. However one of the great strengths of the series is that they are portable, so I may have to invest in a 2mm travel set to take to the pub because I'll be damned if I'm sorting blocks for the rest of my life.

Fire at Will said...

Sounds excellent, but the price is a bit steep, shame they don't sell the cards seperately.

Tim Gow said...

I had a look at your blog earlier. I know what you mean about the blocks - mine are likely to remain unused!

Tim Gow said...

I agree about the price - but if they sold the cards seperately that's all anyone would buy!