Tuesday, 4 January 2011

49 (West Riding) Division - part 3 - nearly done!

I have now managed to complete most of the division.  It still lacks a Light AA Regt, as indeed does at least one other of my Commonwealth divisions, so some Bofors gun building is clearly required.

The division (so far) is below.  3 infantry brigades, 2 artillery regiments, AT regiment, engineers, Div HQ, Div RASC and recce regt.
One of the infantry brigades - three battalions and a 3-ton lorry.  The infantry (and indeed the division's gun crews) are Platoon 20 figures I picked up ready painted at Triples in 2001.  I have treated them to an ink wash and dry brush before re-basing.  The lorry is a Bedford OY -  I forget the manufacturer - it came as a kit of around five parts and was cast in a rather lurid green resin.  I have a few other models by the same maker.
A second infantry brigade, showing the chaps ready to roll.  So that's why the bases are so long.  I'm sure no-one needs telling that the lorry is the trusty old Airfix Matador.
All three infantry brigade transport columns.  The third lorry is an Austin 4x2 3-tonner which began life as part of the Emergency Set.  Note the vague representations of the divisional 'polar bear' insignia on the right wings (fenders for those in the colonies) and the arm of service markings on red, green and brown squares respectively.
More bits of 49 WR Div coming soon.


Paul said...

You have been very busy Tim. Those figures look very nice and I see why those truck bases are so long now!

Nice post.

Regards Paul

Al said...

Great collection Tim, nice to see some variety of stuff in the collection

Tim Gow said...

Paul & Al
Thanks guys. 49 WR has been 'forming' - that is all the stuff's been in a single box for over a year, so it's not exactly been a rush job.

Don M said...

Tim said...

wings (fenders for those in the colonies)

Thanks, we also call the boot of a car a trunk...)

Bill said...

Great work Tim!

Tim Gow said...

Don M & Bill
There's no extra charge for the translations...