Friday, 7 January 2011

News from Forbodia

The latest news from Forbodia is that the Palace Guard is now complete, and it hasn't put me off painting more stuff in this scale. 
The artillery park is also beginning to take shape - here are the Guards next to a Britains 4.7inch Naval Gun.  Sadly my matchstick marksmanship leaves a lot to be desired - practice is clearly required!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


I love your Guard unit. Those white crossbelts will be such a tempting target to aim for!

All the best,


Don M said...

Looking good, so what are you doing for line troops and cavalry ?

Tim Gow said...

I'm working on the principle that the more elite the unit the more ridiculous the uniform. Just wait for the Zouaves.

Tim Gow said...

I have bought some more plastic 1/32 ACW and Napoleonic figures from Italeri, A Call To Arms and HAT so far. There is an unexpectedly large range of stuff available in this scale.