Friday, 14 January 2011

Polish Wolynska Cavalry Brigade

In response to an overwhelming number of requests* for a post showing the orbat of a Polish Cavalry Brigade for Megablitz - here it is.  I have used Wolynska as a example and some of the pics show variations from my other brigade (well, you can't just have one).

(* - OK - one request from Bill, but one is a number and I'm easily overwhelmed.)
The photo above shows a pair of Cavalry Regiments - all are the old Miltra figures sold in the early '90s by BW Models.  Below - the entire Brigade, with 4 Cavalry Regts (1 represented by the MG cart).
Bde HQ                  Command group               1 SP
3-4 Cavalry Regts   2 Cavalry or MG cart       3 SP
Art Btl                     75mm gun  (range 10km)  2 SP
                               Limber or lorry                 2 LOG
Tankette Sqn           TKS                                1 SP
Recce Co                Armoured Car                 R, 1 SP  (may be cavalry or motorcycle)

Below - the artillery Btl - Miltra gun & crew, halftrack by Frontline.
The Command group.
The mighty TKS tankette - this one is a plastic scratchbuild (not by me!)...
...while the second brigade has this one from Frontline.
Wz34 armoured car as used by most of the Cav Bdes in 1939.  Metal kit from MMS.
Two Bdes still had the older (and much bigger) Wz29 - this one is another resin kit (6 parts!) from Frontline.


Paul said...

Great looking force, The paint schemes really are very nice.

Al said...

Nice collection, quite like this theatre myself:)

Bill said...

***OK - one request from Bill, but one is a number and I'm easily overwhelmed***

LOL, I feel very special! ...Very nice work Tim for a very under done period of the war!

Don M said...

Very nice work Tim!

Tim Gow said...

I tried the camo paint scheme on some 7TP tanks years ago (painted at the same time as the cavalry) and was verty taken with it - so I had to replicate it on the newer vehicles too.

Tim Gow said...

Can we expect some more Poles from you soon?

Tim Gow said...

I'm sure you are special. You don't see many 1939 Polish forces in wargames - dare to be different is what I say.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - most of it it quite old work, but it's good to have them back in use.

Bartender said...

Splendid collection! Is it true that the Polish cavalry charged the German Panzer's? Someone told me, but I can't believe it.

Tim Gow said...

As I understand, the cavalry fought as mounted infantry (having ditched the lance in the mid-'30s). The 'charging the panzers' incident has it's roots in a report by an Italian correspondent who was witness to the aftermath of a skirmish between cavalry and some German armoured cars.

Al said...

To answer your question, yep

Bartender said...

Sounds dubious or an act of desperation. Hmmm....

Jakub Feluch said...

It was not an italian guy, it was the german propaganda... in 1939 there was no charge at the german vehicles, except motorcycles. And they didn't have coloured hats on their heads, the had helmets. Also lance, in 1939 there were only 1 lance in squadron, in the squadron CO team... The colour of the hat should be the same as the colour of the pennant (hat-one colour, pennant 2 colours) (every regiment had his own colour. Polish cavalry had anti-tank guns bofors 36, anti tank rifles UR 35... Thanks, Polish Uhlan ;) Jacob