Monday 20 May 2024

33rd Battle of the Isonzo - part 3


The Alpini assault was followed up by two companies of Arditi assault troops.  Meanwhile the Bersaglieri battalion moved up, encouraged by it's very noisy band.

But down the hill came the Austrian reserves and further unpleasantness ensued.

The Arditi took the position - just - but here come the stormtroopers!

The Bersaglieri managed to see them off - at a cost...
...and soon the rest of the battalion surged up to the top.
Just in time, the Austrian CO skulked off with his mountain gun battery...
...while down below the Bersaglieri band practiced for the surely inevitable victory parade.

A very entertaining game to run - well done to all the players for entering in to the spirit of the thing and for donating photos.

And finally: 

In the comments in the 32nd battle (see here), regular reader Brad DeSantis mentioned that his grandfather had fought - in the Alpini - during the Great War.  I duly named one of the figures as Caporal Maggiore Victor DeSantis.  Not only was he (the figure) present at this battle, but unlike a lot of his chums, he survived!  A small tribute to his service.


John Y said...

Savoia! Savoia! Savoia!

tradgardmastare said...

Looks terrific fun.

MGB said...

Lovely to see your 54mm collection in action, and an interesting game to view.

Tim Gow said...

John Y
Nice to see some commitment!

Tim Gow said...

It was certainly that!

Tim Gow said...

Always good to get the toys out!