Saturday 14 January 2023

MiG Alley

I have a few of these mini games from Decision Game and can happily recommend them. Under £15 for a quick to play but challenging and clever game seems like pretty good value to me. 
The air war in Korea is one of these things which interests me so it’s nice to have a compact simulation of it. 

Usual nice map and counters. 

It’s a two-player game but I played it through solo.  My initial UN offensives may have rather lacked subtlety and soon the broken aeroplanes were piling up.  

There seemed to be thousands of those bloody MiGs!
I then tried fighter sweeps…
…which soon created a few broken MiGs. 
The cards which partly drive the game are an interesting lot. This one was a nasty shock for the UN. 

My first effort resulted in a win for the Commies. This is a tough game for the UN!  Like I said, simple mechanisms but LOTS to think about!


Pete. said...

Looks good fun Tim.

I'll have to run my 1/600th Wings at War game for you at some point.



Tim Gow said...

Yes! I remember you mentioned it a while back.