Sunday 15 January 2023

Engineers at Mametz, August 1914

This was another of the Rommel in 1914 Skirmish Campaigns series - albeit this time without Lieutenant R himself.  I set up the table and ran it over Zoom using A Fistful of Lead rules.  Broadly a platoon of Germans had to pass along the road and the Frenchies had to prevent this.  

Martin, Russell and Simon were the wicked Germans.  John and Diego the French. 

The French had two sections deployed using woods and shell holes as cover. The shell holes are nice resin castings I picked up on eBay. The chaps were an assortment from my accumulation of 54mm metal figures. 

The field of battle.  The French sections were deployed in the shell holes to the left and in the centre of the woods. 

A German section - they came strolling on and then lay down for a rest. I did notice that some of the German figures are looking a bit tatty and might benefit from a repaint. 
The boche were soon under fire and some were shaken (the yellow marker) or dead, providing an opportunity to use my new Warbases skull markers. 
An original 1914 photo. 
The Germans were soon surging forward in an impressively orderly manner. 
Another genuine 1914 photo. 
Despite the German advance being interrupted….
….the french had sprung the trap too soon and their advanced section was suffering accordingly. 
The German penetration of the woods wasn’t a bloodless experience -  but most of the dead markers are French. 
The game ended as a German victory- but at this rate it may turn out to be a long war. 


Brad DeSantis said...

The skull markers are brilliant Tim and the shell holes add an interesting element to the battlefield! I especially like your black and white photos, very well done!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Ah, Jacque, Jacque why did you fire so soon?

Tim Gow said...

Brad DeSantis
I was pleased that the game looked so similar to the original* b&w photos....

Tim Gow said...

To be fair to Jacques, it was mostly down to Alphonse.