Thursday, 19 January 2023

Flaky Fagot fettling - MiG-15 recovery part 3


Here is the finished MiG. In the end I opted for Chinese markings. I’d hoped to find North Korean decals but I have none in stock, and a set of North Vietnamese markings is earmarked for a newer model (in every sense) of MiG. A useful addition to my accumulation of aircraft. 


Brad DeSantis said...

Very nice reclamation Tim! The Chinese markings look great!

Rob Young said...

Looks good. Always nice to see decent 'repairs' on old kits.

MGB said...

Tim, have you ever thought about making an inventory of your air collection? I think it would make an interesting post. It would also clarify your gaming potentials, and particular gaps that you would like to sort out. Anyhow, I always enjoy viewing other people's 'restorations', and their field days.

Tim Gow said...

Brad DeSantis
It has turned out astonishingly well.

Tim Gow said...

Rob Young
Thanks - they have to be really bad to be beyond salvation.

Tim Gow said...

An inventory is a good idea - what puts me off is time and fear of the result!