Monday 9 January 2023

Flying flatiron - part 3

Build complete - on with the paint! A quick spray all over of pale grey, then more grey brushed on with come olive camo.


MGB said...

Tim, its always a pleasure to see broken toys and unmade kits turned into gaming pieces. But how on earth do you store such a large collection of model aircraft? Even in 20mm scale they are bulky models. I'm now looking to devise a system to better store my 54mm gunboats, but even by reducing their scale considerably, it will still be difficult All the best.

Pete. said...

Looks good Tim.

Will it be getting the iconic AAMs?



Martin Rapier said...

That has come out very nicely. What a huge plane!

Tim Gow said...

My aircraft live in large plastic crates in my garage. Only really large aircraft cause difficulties!

Tim Gow said...

Of course!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Given the unpromising appearance of the kit parts, it's coming along nicely.