Saturday, 3 April 2021

Heller horror - French P-47 Thunderbolt - part 1

In need of some close air support from the French in Algeria c1960, a bit of research led me to remember I had some 1/72 Thunderbolts which would fit the bill.  These were bought some years ago in a sale for only £1 each.  It's as well they were cheap as the review on the excellent and very useful Modelling Madness website opens with the words:  "Seldom do I see a kit that has nothing whatsoever to recommend it.  The Heller P-47N is one of those rare few."

So with my expectations well and truly managed I sliced open the bags (these kits came to me minus boxes) and set about them.  Rendered in silver-grey plastic, most of the parts were quite crisply moulded with very little flash. 

The fit wasn't brilliant though and much masking tape was employed to hold parts together while the glue dried.
I gave them an overall undercoat in matt black and then slapped on Revell silver to give a well-worn look.  Despite the review, they look like Thunderbolts to me.

I painted on the tail stripes and then went off to plunder the Decal Box for suitable French roundels.


Brad DeSantis said...

Very nice end result! Well done!

Pete. said...

They look the part.



Simon said...

Will this be flying over one of our Zoom tables soon?


Tim Gow said...

Brad DeSantis
Thanks - I'm sure the reviewer was correct but they look basically OK to me.

Tim Gow said...

That's good enough for me!

Tim Gow said...

It's bound for Knuston in July but rule nothing out!