Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Overloon Museum - British & Commonwealth

On mow to the British & Commonwealth WW2 kit.  The museum has so much stuff crammed in that it's difficult to get decent photos of some of it, but here goes.
Above - Crusader gun tug - these were used for dragging the rather weighty 17pdr.  Being an already brisk Crusader but shorn of the weight of turret and gun this was apparently quite a nippy thing.
Mine detection kit - being strapped into something which has just identified a mine doesn't seem like a good idea to me!
The splendid Valentine bridgelayer.

Canadian Otter armoured car
17 Pounder AT gun - being towed by the Crusader tug above.

6 Pounder AT gun
CMP 3-tonner

CMP lorry with office body
Archer SP AT gun
Churchill AVRE
Details of the crew of this very tank - click to enlarge it to legible size
It's clearly had a rough time

6-pdr again


Fire at Will said...

Nice selection, never did manage to get to Overloon while I worked in the Netherlands. Maybe someday

Tim Gow said...

Will McNally
Worth the trip.

Chris Kemp said...

Most of the AVREs had a hard time; part of the consequences of having a large calibre short-range demolition gun :-)

Regards, Chris

roma912 said...

Great pictures

Martin Rapier said...

Are you absolutely sure that is an AVRE (despite the caption)? It seems to be armed with a 95mm rather than a 290mm....

Martin Rapier said...

Ah, and in some other blurb about Jackal it says it was a Mark V from the HQ troop.