Friday, 22 November 2013

Across the Canal, 1981

This game has already been reported on Martins blog - here and here.  So now that you've had the balanced view it must be time for the frothing Soviet propaganda!  Above can be seen the brave lads of 200th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment in their starting positions.
The game used Martin's 2mm toys and Hexon terrain.  My forces consisted of a reinforced Motor Rifle Regiment tasked with carrying out a canal crossing near Brunswick.
Kayte posing with my Soviet Special Forces beret'
The lead motor rifle battalions reached the canal in short order - only to find that the capitalist imperialist fascist pigs had blown the bridges.  The rotters!  Lucky we brought all that bridging gear....
NATO reinforcements - in the shape of a British column - were detected by our Frontal Aviation assets.  A flight of SU-17 Fitters soon swooped....
...and though the bombs went astray the Brits failed a morale check by rolling a '1'.
An overview of the battlefield.
RAF Harriers were in action trying to discourage our glorious engineers...
...and failing miserably!
A Soviet airmobile battalion was inserted across the canal on a crucial road junction.
When more Brits - including tanks - appeared, more air attacks followed by Fitters...
...and helicopters.
Back at the canal, the defenders of the Motherland were in the process of building another bridge, 
while tank and AT units laid down covering fire.
By now the crossings were pretty secure and is was a case of keeping up the pressure on the capitalists.
Even the accuracy of the Soviet air attacks improved - here are Mi-24s making life tricky for the Brits.
British Lynx helicopters were in action too - but were soon swept from the sky.
A British counterattack gave the paras some worrying moments but luckily the decadent
 imperialists' morale broke and they were unable to press home the attack.
The game ended with the Soviet bridgehead and route to the west secure, while the Brits were in flight.  Urrah!


Al said...


Tim Gow said...

Which is more than can be said for the toys!

Dave Stanforth said...

Are your NBC rules available anywhere?

Martin Rapier said...

Described with the same energy with which the Sovs poured across the canal!

The British really were appallingly unlucky with their morale and justed wilted away under the barrage of Soviet firewpoer.