Sunday, 3 June 2012


A while ago I decided there was a clear need to acquire some aeroplanes in connection with the Funny Little Wars project.  As the ground based toys are 1/32 scale I had a look at some kits in that scale but was put off by their huge cost and complexity.  Given that I only needed something representative, and that I use different scale aircraft with other periods (eg, 1/144 'planes with 20mm Megablitz toys) I had a look at other scales.  I thought that a considerable range of kits was available in 1/72 scale, and a visit to Marcway Models in Sheffield revealed that not only were these kits around but the range included the old Revell Spad.  I don't know when this kit was first released, but I remember building one in the 1970s - my first successful biplane build!  At less than £3 it seemed I couldn't go wrong and soon I was making my escape clutching the Spad and a Fokker E.1.
The build proceeded reasonably smoothly - though given the age of the kit it was not a surprise to find that a fair bit of flash needed removing.  I had decided to finish it in French colours for my planned FLW French-style force (which so far consists only of the Spad and a staff car....)  I think it looks OK.


itchy's wargames said...

Model hobbies on line have a load of 1/72 ww1 kits inc camels at £2.69

hope it hepls.

Paul said...

A nice asset to the force. I trust you shall use it well!

west1871 said...

Great looking Spad Tim, love those Revell bi planes worth every penny!

Cheers Rich.

Tim Gow said...

Itchys Wargames
Thenks Richard. Anyone know what these Academy kits are like in terms of complexity?

Tim Gow said...

I expect it'll be used quite badly. But I'm fine just as long as it gets used.

Tim Gow said...

West 1871
I have since acquired a few in larger scales but I'm rather pleased with the Spad.

Stephen Beat said...

The Spad is one of my favourite WW1 fighters (the other being the Nieuport 17) and this looks terrific! I haven't built a model aircraft yet since I started modelling again, but if there is any that would tempt me it's WW1 fighters.

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
Steady on - that's dangerous talk!