Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Carrhae cubed

I have run this Command no fewer then three time in the past week!  First last Wednesday at the Sheffield club, and then twice on Monday in the splendid company of Graham Evans (our host for the day), Chris Ager and Phil Steele.
This post includes a few pics from the first game which featured Martin on the armoured horse and John in the toga.  The photo above shows the initial set up from the Roman point of view.
As the game progressed, the Parthians really set about the Roman invaders.  Here the legions are beset by hordes of cataphracts and horse archers.  But who would prevail in this particular struggle?

Ah, that'll be the Parthians then.  The two units of armoured cavalry - each led by a general - made quite an impression on the Roman centre.

Meanwhile on the Roman right, Publius (top right) survived his charge but lost most of his troops.
The Parthian 'panzers' roll on - here a final legionary unit is removed, winning the game with a 'score' of 7-2.


SoA Shows North said...

... and the other two games? (Phil enquired with a mischievous grin) ...

Tim Gow said...

SoA shows north
If there's one thing worse than a gloating Parthian it's a smug Roman.

Martin Rapier said...

It was interesting to see how well CnC handled such an asymmetric encounter. The disparity of the scores in the first game don't reflect what a close run thing it was as the horse archers are very vulnerable if they get cornered, as they need enough space to run away.

It would be interesting to try it with Lost Battles.