Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Krisis at Kharkov - part 7 - Переслать на Запад!*

*Forward to the West!
More photos from the game.
Confusion reigns in one of the Army HQs.  Photo by Tom Mouat

Part of the Soviet team taking things way too seriously.  Sadly they were unable to fit this rather overscale T34 into the games room...   Photo by Tom Mouat.
The two tank corps of 38th Army form a 75km traffic jam. 
A tank corps concentrates prior to a further advance. 
11 Cavalry Corps deploys.
Alarmed by the Axis air raids, Gen Wallmanski commandeered an AA regiment to defend his HQ.  Photo by Tom Mouat
A typical Soviet transport vehicle.  This is a Corgi die-cast of the type given away by petrol stations in the 1990s.  Photo by Tom Mouat.
Artillery of 21st Army.  The 122mm howitzer is a Platoon 20 metak kit, the long 122 a light conversion of the Airfix 5.5 and the Katyusha consists of the launcher rails from a terrible Russian kit mounted on a converted Airfix Zil 151 (from the SA-2 kit).   Photo by Tom Mouat
Led by it's tank brigades, 28th Army reaches the river line.  A detachment of German engineers has just blown the bridge.  Photo by Tom Mouat.

28th Army prepares to conduct an opposed river crossing - the first outing for my T-26 bridgelayer! (A lovely metal kit).  Photo by Tom Mouat.

The dangerous end of a Soviet tank corps.  Photo by Tom Mouat.
Lead elements of 28th Army approach Kharkov from the north - overrunning the Romanian airfield in the process.  Photo by Tom Mouat.
Meanwhile in Kharkov, the field kitchen is guarded carefully!  A modified Roco model.  The ambulance in the background is a very old conversion of the Airfix Sdkfz7.    Photo by Tom Mouat.
The surviving Romanian air units get their own back on 28th Army.  Photo by Tom Mouat
44ID is deployed to defend Kharkov.  Note the derailed train caused by an earlier Soviet air raid.
23 PD had an encounted with the Soviet armoured train.  Photo by Tom Mouat.

General von Stahl gets into character...


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


I have really enjoyed reading all the blog entries about this recent mega-Megablitz battle ... and really regret not being able to be there!

All the best,


Fire at Will said...

Ohh, tempting and Phil almost looks "normal"

Tim Gow said...

Bob Cordery
Glad you're enjoying them Bob - still more to come!

Tim Gow said...

Fire at Will
Normal? Phil? Are we looking at the same photo?

Chris Kemp said...

"Sadly they were unable to fit this rather overscale T34 into the games room... "

.. but taking Tom as a benchmark, did any of the rather overscale wargamers have trouble fitting into the T-34?

Regards, Chris

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
Speaking as an overscale wargamer myself - I think the T-34 may have been a poor casting....

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Boy this thing just gets better and better

Paul said...

I almost had a stroke when I saw the extremely rare and expensive Airfix Zil conversion.

The eye candy factor is a 10+!

Tim Gow said...

I am pleased to bring pleasure and enlightenment to your life.

Tim Gow said...

Calm down! The ZILs were already assembled when I acquired them - I simply did the conversion work.