Sunday, 10 June 2012

Krisis at Kharkov - part 1 - overview

KatK was an operational-level WW2 game played at the Defence Capability Centre (part of the Military Academy) at Shrivenham on 9 June 2012.  The game used 20mm toys and 1/144 scale aircraft from my collection and was run using my Megablitz system.  16 players took part, with an umpire team of a further two.  The battle area was about 100km across by 100km deep.
A Soviet Front of three armies was to launch an assault from their salient to capture Kharkov in early 1942.  The Axis had a corps of six infantry divisions (four of them Romanian) defending, with a 'Panzerkorps' (2 divisions) ready to counterattack. 
My thanks to all who made the day a success - notably to Tom for arranging access to Shrivenham, Kiera for a splendid lunch, Chris for running the air game and the COs (Martin and Jim) for helping to minimise my workload.
More reports (and photos) will follow, charting the course of the three-day battle.
Martin (the German CO) and I chatting late in the game.  Photo by Jim Wallman.

Late in the game - 23 Panzer Division poised for another advance. 

The game room with the tables set up and ready to go. 
The playing area represented about 10,000 square Km. (at a scale of 4cm=1km)

Players begin to assemble

Part of 28 Army making life unpleasant for some Romanians.


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