Friday, 30 September 2011

South of Cheux, Normandy 1944 - part 2

This week's game - presented by Martin - saw a return to Normandy with a follow up to the game we played a few months ago.  No doubt some readers will be glad of this deviation from my current interest in the 'pointy stick' era.
Following behind the recce troops of 2nd Northants Yeomanry just South of Cheux, the leading tank battalions of 11th Armoured Div pressed south towards the Odon. The 23rd Hussars were tasked with moving directly south from Cheux but were delayed by rubble and traffic jams, and finally emerged from the town in heavy rain at 1630. The delay had allowed 12th SS Panzer Division to reinforce the thin line of engineer and reconnaissance troops holding the line south of the town.  My thanks to Martin for running the game and allowing me to copy and paste bits of the briefing.
The assembled might of the British forces.  John and I each had command of a Troop of Shermans, a Carrier section and a recce section.  Martin provided most of the toys.  John donated a halftrack (the Sdkfz250), while the sandbagged plastic Sherman was sourced from my own collection.
A panorama of the terrain, seen (as are virtually all photos) from the west.  The burning German armoured cars were set alight during the previous game.
John's Sherman troop boldly trundles south.  What could go wrong?
My brave Honeys bypass a burning enemy AFV.
One of John's Daimler armoured cars looks for Germans...
...and finds them!
More German recce appears and is swiftly dealt with by a mighty Honey!
Meanwhile in the distance, John's troop has come under fire.
To be continued...


David Crook said...

Hi Tim,

I like the burning vehicle idea - looks pretty darned effective!

All the best,


Paul said...

Ah thats more like it! Tracks and armour.

Lovely looking Shermans and the lighter stuff is well done as well.

God to see the Honey striking one for the cause of world freedom.

Nice post and more please.

Tim Gow said...

David Crook
We just think that if a Honey gets a kill it's only fair to celebrate. And we all know how well Shermans burn...

Tim Gow said...

I knew youd be relieved! More will follow over the next few days - but it doesn't end well...