Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blood, sweat, tears and superglue

Work continues on the 'classic' 25mm ancient figures which recently came into my possession.  It seemed reasonable to begin with the figures which were already painted, and the initial work consisted of sourcing and attaching wire spears to a number of figures.  While Hinchliffe figures already have hands ready to accept such weapons, some others needed their hands carefully drilling. 
I want to preserve as much of the original paintwork as possible, so a certain amount of touching in chipped paint followed.


Don M said...

Very nice homage to your friend keeping as much of his work intact as possible.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
And his painting was always way better than mine!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

These big (25/28)mm boys are coming back in fashion Tim

There is many a wargame mile left in them

And a nice way to remember a friend too

Tim Gow said...

Old 25s are where it's at for me - I don't get on with the new enormous 28s. Ancient wargaming in every sense...

Sun of York said...

When I started "graduating" from plastics to metal it was in this scale and period. I only got a few Minifigs and Hinchcliffe ancients, but I do have a Hinchcliffe barbarian javelinman who looks very similar to the javelin guys in the picture.

Excellent inspiration for me to get another post up.

Good luck with patching the paint work.

Tim Gow said...

Sun of York
I'm really enjoying 'rediscovering' these old 25s, so it's nice to hear that yours will soon be making an appearance.

Counterpane said...

What's the plan for basing? Modern realistic with sand for texture, static grass, tufts and etched brass broadleaf plants, or old school stick 'em to a base and paint it pale green?

- Richard

Tim Gow said...

Etched brass? Come off it Richard! It'll be paint and flock - just like all my other toys.