Tuesday, 6 September 2011

JR's toy sort-out. Part 4

The sort-our continues, with much slicing off of old bases and dusting some very dusty figures.  There are rather a lot of horses...  At some point I expect I'll need to try and match these up with the cavalry figures lurking elsewhere.
The box labelled 'Horses'.
'More horses' 
The box labelled 'More bloody horses'...


Arthur said...

Great galloping.. er everything. Them's a lot of gee gees.

But it is great to discover stuff, isn't it?


Tim Gow said...

It is a truly staggering quantity of horses, but I'm sure many of the will find gainful employment lugging cavalrymen around. And did I mention the 9 chariots I found?

Paul said...

Lots to do in these boxes Tim. I can see that this windfall may very well weigh you down by the sheer workload,

Tim Gow said...

You know I'm not one to look even a single gift horse in the mouth! It would be easy to feel overwhelmed by this lot, but I have a plan. Of sorts.

Paul said...

Quite right Tim, sorry to nag.

Tim Gow said...

None taken!