Monday, 5 September 2011

Ancient Naval Game

The discovery of a number of (still bagged) 1/1200 scale Navwar ancient galleys recently reminded me that  already had some painted examples.  These were bought already painted and as it turns out are the rather expensive (£2.50 a boat) Langton models.  Not bad to say that I bought the lot (20 painted and 20 part-painted) for £15 about 10 years ago!
Last Wednesday I decided to give them an outing and dug out a copy of a DBA variant which John and I had tried as recently as 1999...  Our rosy memories of the rules didn't correspond with the game we had last week, so I need to find another simple ancient period naval game.  Anyway dear reader, here is some eye candy to keep you amused.
Inept manoeuvring led to a head-on clash between the two fleets (me on the left and John on the right).
My dice rolling was, even by the low standards I normally meet, particularly awful!
My line (with the full sails) is eaten away by Johns (furled sails).
John (for it is his finger) points to his victorious (or plain lucky?) admiral.


west1871 said...

They look great mate, they really do!I love those little acient ships very cute.And a bargin to boot.

Cheers Rich.

Tim Gow said...

West 1871
They are rather nice (so not painted by me then....) and were acquired for my second favourite price - cheap!