Friday, 9 September 2011

Armour Supremacy

Wednesday night's game was one from John's archives - a venerable TTG card game dating from 1976!  I don't think I'd heard of this game previously and as it was clearly ancient and had pictures of tanks on the box, it took little persuasion (well OK, none) for Martin and I to join in a game.
The well-preserved box.  Don't bother trying to ID the tanks - all is about to become clear...
The game involves players using their hand of cards (a bit like Rummy) to build tanks.
First tanks must have a Mk1 turret and a correspondingly useless gun.  This tank scored it's owner 10 points.  Completed tanks may then 'shoot' at other players' tanks and are shot at in return.  'Kills' are worth half the target's points. 
Once you have a tank you may build an AT gun - evidently a PAK 40 in this case.
It is possible (subject to having the appropriate cards) to upgrade tanks with better turrets, bigger guns, more armour etc.  Only the hull may never be upgraded.  
A rather better first tank worth 18 points - with loads of armour but still a feeble gun.  A Mk1 Churchill perhaps?
Once you have a tank with a Mk1 turret you may then build (or upgrade) to one with a Mk2 turret, then a Mk3.  The 'ultimate tank' appears to be a Mk3 hull with 3 lots of additional armour, mounting a Mk2 turret with a 75mm gun - and a sponson carrying an '88.  Basically a big M3 Lee.  Hmm. 
We managed two games - each lasting around 40 minutes, but I remain unimpressed.  In the first game I was unable to amass the cards required to build a single tank!  In the second game I eventually built a tank and an AT gun and was about to build a second, heavier vehicle when the game ended.  So an interesting game, but on the strength of the results I have to conclude that it is all down to the fall of the cards and that player skill plays no part....  Put it back in the cupboard for another 30 years John!


BigLee said...

Never heard of this game before but it looks interesting (but them I am a bit of a treadhead). Thanks for sharing the pictures and the write-up.

Tim Gow said...

A appropriate name in view of my comments! It's really quite a sophisticated game given it's age and if you spot a cheap copy go for it.

Ross Mac said...

Luck? Surely, you mean the skill used to select the top card on the deck?


Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
Thanks - whose side are you on?

Don M said...

interesting but I need little pieces of lead or plastic running about to get motivated...)

Tim Gow said...

Don M
There is much to be said for your approach...

Paul said...

I think this may be too complicated for us colonials to game.

In fact it took me just over a year to get Al to use warm water from the tap. rather than cold water from the dogs bowl to use for decal application.

I do think Don has head the nail on the head.

Good to see you give it a nudge though.

Tim Gow said...

Al is a brave man if he's prepared to fight the dogs for use of their bowl! Given NZ's record on AFV design ( it may be a game best left alone.

Paul said...

Ah... Bob Semple was born in Sofala, New South Wales, Australia...Enough said.