Thursday, 25 May 2023

Veteran Waffen SS Kompanie

 A couple of weeks ago Martin R dropped in for a game and very kindly gave me a box of his old 54mm WW2 Airfix figures.  Most have now been passed on to Russell but I was very taken with some of the figures Martin had painted many decades ago.  I managed to salvage most of the original paintwork on a company (or Kompanie) worth of SS troopers.  The extremities were a bit flaky and I also repainted the helmets but most of the paint is original, albeit with some touching up.  On seeing the revamped figures, Martin commented that his hand must have been a lot steadier in years gone by!  


Martin Rapier said...

I originally painted these to use with the old Paragon 54mm Skirmish Rules, they fought lots of battles against the Airfix Commandos and Paratroops. I'm impressed I managed the SS runes on their collar tabs.

Pete. said...

Those are very smart with all that insignia painted.



Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
I'm sure they have battles yet to fight!

Tim Gow said...

That's how you can tell they're the baddies!