Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Triples Tuesday

In case you've forgotten, the Sheffield Triples wargames show is this coming weekend.
Among the many attractions is this year's Wargame Developments game 'Doodlebuggers', a very short solo participation game in which players take to the skies over Kent in 1944 to deal* with the Germans' latest Vonder Veapon - the flying bomb!
You could be flying this actual aeroplane** - and you could win an actual medal!***

If you're at Triples come and see us - we'll be the first game you come to in the main hall.

* pun intended
**assuming the varnish dries in time
***made of genuine paper


Stephen Thomas said...

Chocs away Ginger! What a wizzard prang. I've just splashed one over the briny! Now it's a quick pull on the beer lever and back to blighty before some penguin my drinks my sludge.


A.W. KITCHEN said...

I've been having lots of problems with my blog accounts and to save my sanity have decided to restart my blog if you would like to 'refollow' me please use this link
Cheers Tony

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Thomas
We'll see at the weekend if your flying is any better than your RAF slang....

Tim Gow said...


Martin Rapier said...

What a great looking plane, I shall enjoy seeing it in action.

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
There are two aeroplanes - your decision comes down to whether you prefer four or five blades on your propellor....