Thursday, 15 May 2014

Operation Full Frontal - The Battle of Kakstadt, 1979 - part 3a

Phase three of what the Soviet Official History refers to as the Kakstadt Operation saw yet another DDR Motor Rifle Battalion (though it looks a lot like the last one we met) supported by recce and AT elements (again very familiar looking) launching an assault on Neu Kakstadt.  This town - adjacent to Alte Kakstadt - had taken a real pasting from the regimental artillery group overnight before being sneakily reoccupied by a French battalion at first light.
The defending force was made up of elements of a French Mechanised Battalion under the commend of transatlantic visitor Peter Douglas - aka The Single Handed Admiral.
The Kommie Krauts - led by Funny Little Wars stalwart Mr AM opted to dismount their infantry about 500m (18 inches) from the forward defences.
Swarms of DDR infantry surging forward.
The air was soon thick with smoke and AT missiles.
Can anyone spot the camouflaged AMX-13?  Rather entertainingly our host failed so to do...
East German infantry advance while the BMPs give supporting fire.
A splendidly accurate (or lucky?) French mortar stonk accounted for some PT-76s.
A French AT missile hits a BMP.

We will return to this action soon....


Peter Douglas said...

I will post my pictures shortly, but yours are better than mine. The camo incident was wonderful - being devious frenchies we got disguise instructions from Inspector Clousseau. Watch out for the Hunchback helium balloon airborne brigade.

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
Hmm. We'll find out in the next instalment what happened to the devious Frenchies. And whether anyone ever found that AMX-13....

Peter Douglas said...

See the tank under cammo - heck we had a hard time seeing teh ATGMS bearing down on us head on!

Paul Foster said...

The French are sneaky, no?

Rather enjoying this series Tim.

Nice one.

Martin Rapier said...

This all looks very grand, looking forward to trying it out.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Glad you like it, 'cos there's more to come!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Coming soon - to a wargames club near you...