Saturday, 17 May 2014

Shopping from Triples

That's the first day of Triples done.  Our 'Doodlebuggers' game went well with around 35 players over the course of the day.  And much chatting with other SWS members and friends old and new - John, Martin, Nick, Tim, Bruce, Pete, Chris, Phil, Ben and Mark to name but a few.
But enough of that.  What - I hear you ask - did I buy?

Well not all that much really.  In fact so far I have spent £8.30 - or about the same as it will cost me in diesel to drive to the venue twice.
 First up - the Bring & Buy yielded this Tamiya kit for £3.50.
 On a trader's stall I spotted some Froggie frogmen - just the thing for LCW.  OK, so no boat, but...
 On the same stall was this for £2.  I took this as a sign from above.
And this is what £1.80 worth of rummage box figures looks like.  A Starlux French bandsman*, an unknown US-equipped officer, a useful looking civilian and a trio of Crescent(?) postwar Brits.  I already have a couple of these so hopefully I'll eventually find enough for a LCW company (12 figures).

* see also my previous purchase of Starlux bandsmen in this earlier post.


Col said...

Nice little haul Tim, well done. I am no expert but I think the last three Crescents are actually French Paras. I have some you can have if you want. Can you email me your address through the Littlewars forum or my blog?

Paul Foster said...

All good scores. The Tami kit is a real classic!

tradgardmastare said...

Excellent foraging - perhaps today will yield more bounty too...

Tim Gow said...

French Paras eh? General Massu will be pleased! Thanks for your kind offer. I have sent a message via the FLW yahoo group.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Yes, but now I'll have to build it!

Tim Gow said...

Not a lot today - but found more cr*p on eBay!

Peter Douglas said...

Well done sir.
Looking forward to see how these fit into your projects.
Cheers PD