Friday, 4 April 2014

Shameless plug

A shameless plug for another blog now.  Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist offers an eclectic mix of topics.  And he's offering possible prizes for plugging his blog!  I must try that ploy sometime.


Stephen Thomas said...

Are you on commission???

If you keep up this sort of thing I shall have to create a new folder to accommodate all the various blogs I have now bookmarked.

Don M said...

You need to look here :

to see how to do a shameless plug properly lol

Stephen Thomas said...

Don That's brilliant, thanks for sharing.

I'm sure we all want to keep abreast of the times and as publicity ideas go, those are way out in front. :-)

Don M said...

Thanks Stephen one should keep things well in hand...)

Peter Douglas said...

That's not shameless - the plug is clearly blushing!

Cheers, PD