Monday, 28 April 2014

Dodgy Dornier - part 2

Here is the completed Do28D, painted pretty much as per the kit instructions.  Interestingly the camo scheme covers the underside as well as the top surfaces which doesn't bode well for the 12 passengers and their in-flight meals....


Arthur said...


Never seen one of these before. The location of those motors must really have cocked up lateral visibility of the ground.


Paul Foster said...

Thats a great looking death trap Tim.

Pretty darn quick build as well.

Nicely done.

Tim Gow said...

I think they could in in such small places that you didn't really need to see where you were.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Never confuse real time with blog time!

Pete. said...

Turned out nice Tim- bit bigger than the WW2 Storch though.



Stephen Beat said...

Very nice...And quite an unusual aircraft.