Thursday, 13 March 2014

The assault on Grozny - part 3

We return to Grozny as the Russians trundle into the city.  I think the flat area above is Lenin Park - being made all the flatter by a tank company!
A Motor Rifle company comes under fire from some locals.  This flat bit may be the Dinamo Stadium.
The tank company heading for the Railway Station.
It soon got very messy!
More Russians advancing from the north, between the soon to be rather fuller cemetery (left ) and the airport.

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?  This particular terrorist is none other than Martin Goddard of Peter Pig fame.
By now we were doing a grand job of overrunning the centre of the city...
...and securing the outskirts.  My memory of the actual events is rather hazy but with an experience like this - and photos too - it hardly seems to matter!  What a splendid game!


Arthur said...



But when do the buildings start to burn?


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The 3D aspect of this is brilliant

Pete. said...

Looks great- funny that the size of the game with the cardboard boxes gives a better impression of a city- scape than my 20mm scenery collection.

Quick question: can you remember what you used for figures?



Tim Gow said...

They didn't - Tom had borrowed the boxes and needed to return them....

Tim Gow said...

And healthy outdoor exercise too!

Tim Gow said...

I think the figures were just some random cheap 50ish mm plastics.

Al said...

Impressive game Tim, never seen anything quite like it mate

Tim Gow said...

It certainly had a lot of style!