Monday, 14 October 2013

The Megablitz archive - Tunis (1999)

This was the first Megablitz game I was involved in where someone else (Ian Drury) did the organising and umpiring.  I actually got to play!  It took place in a church hall in Bedford and involved (as far as I can recall) nine players. If you own a copy of Megablitz you will find the scenario details therein.
My apologies for the dodgy photos, but these date from the per-digital camera era and have subsequently been scanned so I can use them here.
Based on the 1943 Tunisia campaign, the game was carefully cast, with the British 1st Army players being experienced gamers but new to Megablitz, the US 1st Army being another new player (Wayne Thomas) and a friend of Ian's who had never played a toy soldier game before.  8th Army was in the capable hands of experienced but cautious players.  The experienced but numerically weak Axis were in the hands of Bob Cordery, Chris Willey, Chris Kemp and your humble correspondent.  The Axis team was soon being openly referred to as 'The Four Old Nazis.'
The table layout took the form of a reversed 'F', the top 'prong' being the coast along which British 1st Army were advancing.  Inland, across the djebel were the Yanks while 8th Arny appeared from the bottom of the upright after a long march from Alamein.
Axix forces in the north preparing to meet the enemy.
Elements of 8th Army (I think) encounter some Italian outposts.
The Italians are put to flight but there are some tough Germans around...

The view from Tunis.
Italian troops heavily engaged with 1st Army.  The Brits also landed a Para Brigade which entertainingly landed on some Italian gunners.  The Paras soon overcame them and pinched their lorries!
In the centre the overconfident Americans were taught a costly lesson by the grizzled veterans of the Afrika Korps.  Under the leadership of the handsome chap just visible on the left (so modest...) the DAK decapitated the lead US Armoured Division and dealt the US forces a psychological blow from which they never really recovered.
Eventually, though, sheer weight of numbers told and the 'Four old Nazis' were last heard of bickering over places on the last U-Boat to Italy.....


Don M said...

dodgy photos or not, a great looking game!

Al said...

Great looking game there Tim

Paul Foster said...

Its like a history lesson Tim.

I actually enjoy the older pics.

Nice one.

Chris Kemp said...

Happy days! We were all about a stone lighter then. I remember the American rolling car park, and the Italian bordello truck being given priority in the staged withdrawal to Tunis.

Regards, Chris.

ian drury said...

The paras finding their DZ was next to Italian corps artillery was a lovely moment too, plus the epic recce fight between Fallschirmjager and Indian Lt Horse (Pathans). Happy days.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
It was a particularly enjoyable day.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - My few photos try to capture the broad sweep of operations.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Given that it was 14 years ago, this is history!

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
'We were gamers once and young....'
The bordello truck is still alive and well!

Tim Gow said...

Ian Drury
Ah yes - the battle with 2 FJR was particularly nasty - the more so for coming after a diet of weak Italian opposition!