Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Breaking The Line

This was a game run by Martin, with him also representing the Germans while John and I led the Russians.  That's John and I pictured above.  I'm shouting while he's the one in the skirt.  So one of us was typecast.....
There is a rather more informative report of this game on Martin's blog, so I'll focus here on the Soviet propaganda photos!
We commanded a Rifle Battalion with a few bolt-on goodies, including this 76mm Regimental Gun battery.
Here are our brave lads seen from the left (how else?).  We have three rifle companies advancing in echelon while the heavy kit and cowardly HQ skulk in the woods.
"Forward - for the Motherland!"
"On you go Comrades - we're right behind you!"
The lead company soon came under fire from a Fascist Hitlerite Horde well dug in behind wire.  What a rotten trick.
A firefight ensued, during which we rushed up the heavy weapons company.
With a few casualties inflicted on the Fritzes.... was time to try a close assault.  
All that remained was to pass a morale test.
Oh bugger!
In other dice-related news, our newly arrived MG platoons were making their presence felt.
Happily at this point the Germans ran away.
And the Comrades swiftly occupied the trench system.
But there were more Fascist Vipers to our right (again, where else?).  They were kept under a torrent of MG and mortar fire.
Our victorious chaps looting the enemy trenches.


Paul Foster said...

A Skirt, snake-eyes and vipers!

What more could you ask for in a post?

Conrad Kinch said...

Forward the Rodina!

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Something for everyone? I like to think so.

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
An even-handed approach as always!

Conrad Kinch said...

I refuse to remain impartial between the fire brigade and the fire.

However brutal the fireman or attractive the fire.

Michael Peterson said...

You look good in a skirt.

Entertaining AAR.

Al said...

Great game, cool pictures Tim

Tim Gow said...

Michael Peterson
I'll pass on your comments to John. My knees are in no condition to be seen in public.

Tim Gow said...

Glad you enjoyed it.