Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Megablitz Archive - Messina - part 3

These photos are from the November 2008 version of the game.  All the toys are from my own collection - though some have a chequered history!
Italian 'armour' from the Sicily Mobile Group.  Scary eh?
Elements of 10 Panzer Division looking menacing.
German and Italian aviation assets happily co-habiting on a Sicilian airfield.  The tri-motored horror is my bodged Cant Z1008.
More Axis air.
Italian infantry defending the front line.
The same Italians (with German Nebelwerfer support) being attacked by the Americans.
Sneaking round the flank?  What a rotten trick!
Some of the Yanks had clearly been foraging.  I bought these figures already painted at a show some years ago but I've no idea who the maker is.
The Italians reinforce the front line.
German troops of PanzerGrenadier Division 'Sicily' head to the front 
on the north coast.  What could go wrong?
Gott in Himmel!  US bombers darken the sky.
The Americans break into the Italian position.
Chaos ensues!
The PanzerGrenadiers prepare for action, thankful that they brought along all those flak guns.

More toy porn in the final part of this report - coming soon!


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Looks a lot of fun. Well done.

Stephen Beat said...

LOL, fantastic stuff Tim. My Dad (ex-8th Army) would have loved it...

Though he would have probably have thought that those Yanks aren't quite scruffy enough! ;)

Tim Gow said...

Service Ration Distribution
It was fun (both times), not least because there was so much going on at once. The Axis C in C in Messina had a full time job managing the evacuation!

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
More Brits next time!

Archduke Piccolo said...

Looking forward to more of this story, right enough!

Martin Rapier said...

Ah, I thought I didn't recognise some of the stuff, I played in the 2000 outing. Was it really so long ago!

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
Final instalment coming soon!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Shame neither of us took any photos of the earlier game....

Al said...

Great game, lots of really cool details Tim

Tim Gow said...

Glad you're enjoying it Al.

Martin Rapier said...

Shame neither of us took any photos of the earlier game...."

Yes. I'm not sure I even owned a digital camera in 2000.