Monday, 27 February 2012

Kuwaiti Mechanised Brigade

My Kuwaiti brigade was built for a specific game nearly six years ago.  Photos of the actual game will follow soon (as I have recently rediscovered them!), but for the moment here are some rather better photos of the toys.
In 1990 Kuwait had new Yugoslav-built M-84 tanks (a development of the T-72) on order to replace some rather elderly Chieftains and M-60s.  In the event they weren't actually delivered until the army was regrouping in Saudi Arabia.  But what the hell.  I used the very lovely C in C model of the T-80.
Another view of the tank battalion.  I am quite pleased with the paintwork. 
The infantry battalion.  This was in the process of re-equipping with BMP-2, so my unit has 2 companies of the latter, with 1 still in M-113.  The AT battery has M-901.  All GHQ models.  I think the infantry are GHQ's US 'Nam era chaps.
Another view of the infantry btl.  The combination of an oil wash and drybrushing really brings out the detail on these GHQ castings.  For the benefit of readers less familiar with 6mm toys, the bases are my usual 30x40mm. 
The brigade HQ (C in C M-577) and artillery controller (GHQ Landrover 90).
Did someone mention artillery?  GHQ M-109A1 and C in C M-35 lorry.
The artillery battery again.  The random infantryman was added to give the stand a bit of 'life'.


Monty said...

Great stuff Tim! I've been looking at 6mm moderns for a while and despite their cost GHQ do look impressive; more so since I've seen your work.

Tim Gow said...

The other make are OK - Scotia and Heroics & Ros -and I have loads of them - but the present GHQ and C in C castings are irresistibly lovely!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That GHQ is just lovely kit

Nice job Tim

Tim Gow said...

It is certainly rewarding to paint.