Friday, 16 December 2011

More Forbodian Cavalry

News that Martin is making progress with his comedy Prussians has sparked a recruitment drive on the plains of Forbodia.  This second cavalry regiment has been raised from Italeri ACW figures, with their appearance subtly altered by a change of colour scheme. 
The command group with (from L to R) standard bearer, officer and NCO.
I bought these figures ages ago and undercoated them during the summer. before becoming distracted by other projects.  I returned to them a couple of weeks ago.
After the rudimentary paint job - the troopers await a coat of varnish.


Don M said...

Very nice.....nothing says friendship quite like the thundering hooves of some
cavalry over running your
guns.....I'm sure that the Cordeguayan Army will soon
know this....)

and Bob if you're listioning I said the above with pure love and respect.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Aside from the Memorandum of Understanding which exists between Forbodia and Cordeguay, the two countries are, as far as anyone can tell, located on different continents and hemispheres! And it's a bloody long way to London on a 54mm horse!
Martin's 'pantomime villain' Prussians on the other hand, are more conveniently located....

Don M said...

Martin's 'pantomime villain' Prussians will serve then,but
it has been my experience that geography and letters and non aggression pacts aside two
such painted forces will eventually collide!

Lead and Plastic do not bleed but the tears are sometimes very real! ;-)

Paul said...

Nice use for these figures Tim. I really think the need some Pith helmets though.

Tim Gow said...

Thtop taking the pith.
There is little need for tropical gear in Forbodia on account of the climate. On the other hand, a recent review of my FLW related scribblings revealed plans for three other armies (I have about half the kit already), at least one of which operates in sunnier climes.....