Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas books

While the Campaign series can be of rather variable quality Zaloga is always a good read.  These campaigns include lots of burned out German units, a fair chunk of the 'new' French Army, emplaced Panther turrets and ineffectual bombing raids by Me262s.  What fun!
No toys for Christmas - nor indeed was I expecting any - although I did pick up a few interesting kits recently.  More on that soon.  Happily Mrs Santa responded to some none too subtle hints and presented me with these fine tomes.  Ho ho ho.
The 'original' Gulf War has always interested me but books on the subject are very thin on the ground. 


Al said...

A couple of great reads mate, hope you've got some time off work to get your nose into them?

Paul said...

Good score on the First Gulf War book. Any Hind vs Cobra action?

Tim Gow said...

Only had a quick flick through so far but I may start on the Iran Iraq book this week.

Tim Gow said...

I'll have a look for heli action and report back!

Kull said...

The Cooper book on Iran-Irak is a true treasure trove!

It gives loads and loads of info not only on the Air War, which you'd expect given the title, but on the ground operations as well.

And, thankfully, it totally abstains from jingoistic/racist/political considerations about Irak and Iran, which is always an added bonus given how many books purportedly dealing with 'military history' nowadays are filled to the brim with vile, hateful and inflamatory anti-arab, anti-iranian, islamophobic, pro-israeli rethoric and propaganda.