Saturday, 24 December 2011

Forbodian Brigade HQ

As part of my plan to complete the Forbodian Army I needed a second Brigade HQ.  The First Brigade HQ is intended primarily to command the infantry and has been provided with a motor car.  Bearing in mind that there are now two cavalry regiments to control, it seemed sensible to have the additional HQ on horseback too.  Happily I had some of the rather imposing Italeri Mameluke figures left over from building 1st Cavalry Regt so I selected three of them for elevation to the brigade staff.
The three figures are the Brigadier (centre), staff officer/galloper (left) and standard bearer.  Learning from experience I fixed them to 4cm wide MDF bases for added stability.  The chaps were treated to a fairly random and garish paint scheme which includes liberal doses of the traditional Forbodian colours of blue, green and purple.

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