Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dyle 'M' for Megablitz - part 2

More news from Belgium now,  and a few words about the toys.  Martin provided his own panzer division (which appeared as 3PD), Wg Cdr Luddite brought along a rather nice 1/144 scale Hurricane and John Chaplin brought his lovely scratchbuilt Fairey Battle. Everything else was scoured from my own shelves.
Recce (a company-sized stand) from 3 Inf Div (mot) waves to locals.  A venerable Matchbox kit.

An infantry btl of 3ID(mot) advances.  Unknown resin Horch kfz70.

3PD deploys for action

3PD heads for the frontier
The rear area of 3DLM

Some pretty French aeroplanes - 'ne pas pour la guerre'

Hawk 75 and Bloch 131 of the strangely inactive Armee de l'Air on their airfield at Mons.

Not even running up the engines!

Still no movement!  Metal kit by Reviresco.

The celebrated Somua armoured bridgelayer of 3DLM

French corps artillery.  Hinchliffe 155mm, FAA crew and scratchbodged tractor

RAF Hurricanes co-habiting with a squadron of Amiot 354.  The Hurri is a Sweet Kits plastic model.

The plucky lads of the RAF take to the air... provide support (moral at least) to 44 Home Counties Division


Ray Rousell said...

Some very nice figures, I like the car.

Don M said...

Some very interesting kit to say
the least,the Somua armoured bridgelayer made an impression on me, never saw one before.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The French bridgelayer has left me gasping for breath ;)

I'm ecstatic :)

Al said...

Love the kit mate, keep em coming

Paul said...

Some great models and kitbashes their Tim.

I always liked the Bloch, and the Amiot is a real looker.

Great post, as always.

Tim Gow said...

Ray Rousell
Ah, but which car? Probably the black Mercedes serving as 3PD's HQ. This looks to me like a cut-down version of the Hasegawa 'Hitler car'.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Nice to know I've broadened your mind! The Somua is perhaps the most impressive of Ian R-L's many models, and may merit a post all of it's own...

Tim Gow said...

Just goes to prove that Internet porn can take many forms!

Tim Gow said...

Try not to drool too much - it might damage your keyboard...

Tim Gow said...

I thought the dodgy bombers would appeal to you - but the best (or least dodgy) is yet to come!

Ross Mac said...

scratch bodged? I like it!

Looks like an interesting game.

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
'Scratch-bodged' is an expression I use a lot to describe my own modelling efforts. It seems to say it all! Glad you like the game.

Anonymous said...

Great looking game- some interesting kit on the tables.

Sad to say Megablitz is one of those rule systems I've got but never played.



Tim Gow said...

A large Megablitz game does offer an opportunity to field some pretty way-out kit.