Monday, 27 March 2023

A Grubby Gannet


The latest ex-Bassett rescue is this Fairey Gannet. John tells me it’s the Revell kit - which helps explain the West German Navy markings. As it was pretty much complete I preserved the original paintwork. My efforts were limited to sourcing and painting a replacement prop spinner, painting over the not entirely transparent transparencies and slapping on a coat of varnish. 
Writing it into a game may prove a challenge but rule nothing out!


KEV. Robertson. said...

My Brother when younger built a Fairy Gannet in 1/24th Scale as a Control Line flying model- much latter Lloyd built a Gannet in 1/48th scale- they were great models and the Gannet is one on my all time favorite planes. Our Australian Navy had Gannets and flew them from their Aircraft Carrier. Regards. KEV.

Tim Gow said...

Kev Robertson
It must have been vast in 1/24 scale! You could never call it a pretty plane but it certainly has presence. Even in 1/72 scale…